Wicked Beautiful Lies by L.A. Ferro Novel

Novel Wicked Beautiful Lies by L.A. Ferro. Wicked Beautiful Lies by L.A. Ferro is a riveting romance novel that captures the essence of two people who fall in love despite their troubled pasts. The book revolves around the lives of the main characters, Asher and Harper, who meet under unusual circumstances and are immediately drawn to each other. You also might like another book Now You See Me by D.K. Hood Novel.

Wicked Beautiful Lies by L.A. Ferro Overview

The story kicks off in a place that serves coffee in a tiny community in California, alongside Asher, a soldier by profession who is currently employed to be a safety specialist, meets Harper, an accomplished artist. Regardless of their discomfort at first, both of them are immediately drawn towards one another and shortly thereafter get started an intense romance.

Wicked Beautiful Lies by L.A. Ferro Novel
Wicked Beautiful Lies by L.A. Ferro Novel

Nevertheless, Asher and Harper, each possess hidden identities that jeopardize their affection for one another. Asher has been engulfed by armed forces recollections, along with Harper has concealed an unpleasant past she believes she hasn’t ever discussed with any individual. As their romance develops, they ought must face their reservations and private information if they are to have a prosperous future in tandem.

Wicked Beautiful Lies by L.A. Ferro PDF
Wicked Beautiful Lies by L.A. Ferro PDF

Wicked Beautiful Lies’ protagonist that are fully flesh are among its greatest assets. Asher and Harper are broad and nuanced characters with shortcomings that contribute to making these individuals applicable and captivating. Their histories are expertly incorporated through the story, permitting consumers to gain insight into their reasons and challenges.

There additionally exists an intense feeling of locale throughout the story, which is filled with clear depictions of the city’s surroundings as well as those who live there. The additional characters, particularly Asher’s companions and associate military service, Max, are well-drawn which adds comprehensiveness to the overall plot.

The writer’s perspective method of writing is an additional strength of Wicked Beautiful Lies. L.A. Ferro possesses a gift for writing an evocative and sentimental narrative that captivates the audience’s attention and continues to keep these individuals reading. The flow of the narrative is outstanding with adequate stress and affection for keeping the plot getting around.

Wicked Beautiful Lies offers an interactive and strong romantic suspense book that is sure to draw supporters who enjoy the category. It features an account of affection, restitution, as well as the strength of truth that is guaranteed to leave the audience with an indelible mark. Everyone who appreciates well-developed protagonists, appealing written form, along with an interesting plot ought to grab this work of fiction.

Book Details

  • Book Name: Wicked Beautiful Lies
  • Author Name: L.A. Ferro
  • Publish Date: 2018
  • Genre: Romance

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