True Luna by Tessa Lilly Novel

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Novel True Luna by Tessa Lilly. True Luna by Tessa Lilly is a captivating contemporary romance novel that tells the story of Luna, a free-spirited young woman who finds herself torn between two men. The novel is set in the beautiful city of San Francisco and takes the reader on a journey of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. You might like Wild at Heart by Fern Fraser Book.

True Luna by Tessa Lilly Overview

Luna is a strong-willed lady who has rarely been suspected of affection. She loves what she does to be a volunteer who works independently in the town, where she lives alongside her closest companion and flatmate, Sarah. The entire subject shifts, nevertheless, following the time she encounters two entirely distinct men whose work captivates her affections. Tyler, an appealing wealthy entrepreneur who moves her away with his charm, is the initial one. Marcus, an enigmatic and gloomy performer, obstacles her when necessary with challenges she hadn’t believed necessary.

True Luna by Tessa Lilly Novel
True Luna by Tessa Lilly Novel

Luna discovers the dark corners of her innermost thoughts while she fights to make a decision among both of these men. She acquires that falling in love cannot constantly be straightforward, and additionally that at times undertaking the biggest risks can lead to the biggest incentives. In addition with her journey, Luna faces her own inner worries and doubts, discovering an endurance throughout her character she had never known was present.

True Luna by Tessa Lilly
True Luna by Tessa Lilly

Tessa Lilly’s narrative voice is strong and exciting, capturing the interest of the audience from the beginning of the book. The way she writes of San Francisco has been clear and beautiful, converting the location into an individual in the story. The personalities are additionally extremely written effectively, with everyone having a completely distinct temperament and history. Lilly portrays Luna’s personal challenges and disputes brilliantly, ensuring her an incredibly comprehensible and supportive character.

True Luna makes for an outstanding modern-day love story which is certain to attract to category followers. It’s a moving tale about romance, loss, and discovery of oneself, with strong protagonists and a clearly realized environment. Tessa Lilly’s composing is highly effective and approachable, resulting in an interesting and relaxing study. I strongly suggest this book to everyone who is seeking an excellent romance that will maintain these individuals switching through up until its conclusion.

Book Details

  • Book Name: True Luna
  • Author Name: Tessa Lilly
  • Publish Date: October 2020
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance

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