Lies of My Monster by Rina Kent Novel

Novel Lies of My Monster by Rina Kent. In the novel “Lies of My Monster” by Rina Kent, readers are introduced to a story that is full of deception, betrayal, and forbidden love. The novel revolves around the lives of two individuals who come from very different backgrounds but find themselves drawn to each other despite their circumstances. You might also like another book Rocked By Love by Melissa Foster Novel.

Lies of My Monster by Rina Kent Overview

Monroe seems the primary protagonist of the narrative, a youthful lady who finds herself compelled to make do with her existence under the age of constant surveillance imposed by her excessive dad. Monroe has been conditioned to mold herself through and comply with in her dad’s motions, however, the woman longs for autonomy and liberty. While Monroe adheres to the enchanting and mysterious Ryder, the woman ends up caught right into an unexpected relationship that assures to deliver the dissipate she has been looking for.

Lies of My Monster by Rina Kent Novel
Lies of My Monster by Rina Kent Novel

Ryder, on the opposing side, has an unpleasant history as well as an enviable track record for ruthlessness. He represents the polarised antithesis of anything that Monroe has experienced to date, yet he is precisely what she requires to breaking liberated of her protected everyday life. However, as Monroe becomes more acquainted with Ryder, she realizes that the man might not be what he seems to be. Ryder has a number of hidden identities and goals, and Monroe swiftly discovers her character piqued in the middle of a hazardous tale of deception as well as disinformation.

Lies of My Monster by Rina Kent
Lies of My Monster by Rina Kent

Rina Kent is gifted at generating intricate, imperfect individuals that make them captivating and comprehensible. Her colorful depictions of the global landscape of organized criminal activity create an engaging study, and the story’s unexpected developments retain the audience determining as long as the final chapter. Lies of My Monster serves as a rough, gloomy unusual for devotees of the organized crime affection category.

In summary, Rina Kent’s Lies of My Monster provides an intriguing and psychologically imposed story that will keep viewers attached from the start to the finish. The novel is vital for supporters of the criminal justice subject matter, with its multifaceted individuals, complicated story, as well as detailed accounts of the global landscape of organized crime. Rina Kent has established her character to be a gifted writer who realises the manner in which to tell a compelling and fulfilling tale. If you’re in the mood for an ominous powerful study, Lies of My Monster is highly recommended.

Book Details:

  • Book Name: Lies of My Monster
  • Author Name: Rina Kent
  • Publish Date: 2021
  • Genre: Mafia Romance Fiction

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